Chronic Urticaria Self Evaluation App

CRUSE® is an APP developed by renowned dermatologists and allergists to help patients with Chronic Urticaria manage their condition.

Take control of your Chronic Urticaria by recording your symptoms and impact on your quality of life in just a few minutes each day. Together with your treating physician, track how you respond to treatment and how it can be improved.

Track your urticaria in a convenient way

Prepare your next doctor's visit

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your doctor


million people affected


centers of reference and excellence
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What is chronic urticaria and do I have it?

Chronic Urticaria is a common skin disease, characterized by itchy wheals and/ or swelling of the skin (so called angioedema).

Take our test and find out within 1 minute if you suffer from chronic uticaria and whether we can help you with our CRUSE app!

The CRUSE® app has been developed by renowned dermatologists and allergists,
bringing health self monitoring for urticaria patients to the 21st century.

The CRUSE core team

Prof. Dr. Marcus Maurer
Sophia Neisinger
Anja Lingnau
Reinhardt Britz
Aiste Ramanauskaite

International advisory board

Prof. Dr. Jean Bousquet
Prof. Dr. Martin Metz
Prof. Dr. Markus Magerl
Prof. Dr. Ana Giménez-Arnau
PD Dr. Karsten Weller
Prof. Dr. Ivan Cherrez-Ojeda
Prof. Dr. Emek Kocatürk Göncü

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CRUSE is a UCARE tool

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